Thursday, September 23, 2004

Rather Biased

Ahh Danny Boy.....

I've watched with absolute glee as you have set up your own demise.

I just completed fifty-five years on this earth, and I have had a lot of time to reflect upon the trash you and the other "major news networks" have fed me over the years.

I was lucky to live in St. Louis all these years where the hypocritical "major" newspaper is the St. Louis Post-Disgrace, (or the Beijing Dispatch, you choose the name you prefer). The Pulitzer Publishing Company owns the Post-Dispatch, purveyors of the famed "Pulitzer Prize"…. You know, the one you lefties give each other.

I've been through the Vietnam era, the Watergate era, the Reagan Revolution, and the rest. I've watched you and your fellow purveyors of spun lies prosper and become more arrogant and self-important.

As time passed, I began to dismiss news media like the P-D, Newsweek, U.S Snooze, The NY Times, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and other purveyors of spin. When did the time come when you decided not to report the news, but to create it to suit your own view of the world? When did your arrogance and political leanings outweigh any professional standards of journalism?

I guess the bottom line is this. I was taught that journalism was a profession. It was an honorable pursuit, and necessary to bring the TRUTH to the public. It was not a journalist’s job to bring his or her personal feelings or beliefs to the table, nor ALLOW them to color the truth. Naïve, wasn’t I.

Journalists were the part of society which kept us honest. I have for thirty years watched ”mainstream” journalism become nothing more than a propaganda mill. It is a shame, it is a disgrace, and until it is exposed to the light of day it is a threat to the democracy that our people have bled all over the world to protect.

Have a good retirement Dan. Try France….Maybe Russia would suit you…



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