Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Yes Rachel, Feminism Really Is A Crock

Pete Jensen -

"Oh where shall I start on my power? We have the power to be drafted, to be locked up without due process or evidence on spurious rape and abuse charges (Because, of course, the charge is so serious); the power to be systematically locked out of our children�s lives; to be assessed 'imputed' income in a child support proceeding far in excess of our ability to make, or our history of making; the power to be eliminated from or denied jobs and education in the name of 'Affirmative Action'; to be beat up, not fight back, walk out of a 'Domestic Situation' with the blood running from our face and still be locked up as the 'primary aggressor.'
Or maybe it's the host of all-male schools and establishments where no woman is allowed to tread, the exclusive Men/s Scholarships, agencies devoted to our every whim, and the 'Violence Against Men Act.' When we get attacked by women, we are never made fun of on Jay Leno, nor when we are sexually harassed.
Yes, Rachel, by all means, let me revel in my power."

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