Monday, April 25, 2005

Boortz on ANWR Nealz Nuze
"... Naturally, Democrats are opposed. So is the leftist mainstream media, which is (just like they always have) engaging in a disinformation campaign when it comes to ANWR. There are two methods the mainstream media uses to deceive television viewers when reporting on this issue.

First, if they do happen to show the area where the actual exploration will take place, they will only show it in the Summer .. when there will be no exploration activity. Only when the actual exploration area is covered with ice with the movement of equipment and machinery be permitted. There will be NO damage to the precious frozen tundra.

Second, they will show you areas of Alaska and of ANWR where there will be absolutely NO exploration or drilling. It's as if the media -- especially CNN -- is telling you "look at these wonderful mountains, pristine streams and meadows of wildflowers. How do you think oil rigs will look here? The fact is that there will be no oil exploration in the areas depicted. It's a con, a fraud ... and it is intentional."
Draw your own conclusions as to why the deception from the SMSM ... Here are mine:

The Socialists feel that:

1. America should not be the most powerful nation on earth. We should "share" power, so giving money to "people" like the Saudis is a good idea.

2. All Americans should drive Jugos, or the latest tree hugger Birkenstock shoed fad the Toyota Prius. Therefore we can be equally uncomfortable.

3. Americans who are fortunate enough to drive SUV's are evil. See this about a Cal State "student" who got eight years in the Federal prison system and is forced to pay $3.5 million in penalties for torching them.

4. As long as the USA stands strong, the dream of Transnational Socialism (do your own research) cannot be achieved.


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