Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy

Timothy D. Naegele in MensNewsDaily.com brings out A Question of Character �
"Kennedy launched this nation into Vietnam; and his secretary of defense, Robert McNamara, was the architect of that lost war and the enormous suffering that it produced. More than 50,000 brave Americans died, and it impaled this nation's honor on the horns of a tragedy that still haunts policy makers and citizens alike.

Even before Vietnam, Kennedy was responsible for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, where Fidel Castro humiliated him completely. This led to more than 40 years of enslavement for the Cuban people. The Cuban Missile Crisis, or Kennedy's confrontation with the Soviet Union, might have given rise to a nuclear winter."
Yes, lets look at the real history of JFK. What did he do, other than bring a young, attractive face and family to the Oval Office? I've already relayed in this blog how I feel about the despicable Robert McNamara. How did a POS like McNamara rise so high in the Kennedy Administration? How good would the Johnson Administration have been if Lyndon had thrown out McNamara and the other Kennedy hold overs? How could a bootleggers son rise so high? Why was JFK's daddy Joe recalled by FDR from the Ambassadorship in London?

"Reagan was elected and reelected by landslides, while it is doubtful whether Kennedy would have become president in 1960 if the Mob had not helped him in Illinois and West Virginia and Giancana claimed credit for that. Kennedy was the son of a bootlegger, and the apple does not fall far from the tree. "

Enough said and well put.


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