Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Interdictor -- Live from NOLA

."A wonderful site which is an electronic journal of the events in NOLA during and after Katrina. This is a first person account from a fellow who lived through the storm and its aftermath while baby sitting computers. A great quote
" .... Makes me wonder though, given how corrupt this state and city are, how much of that federal aid money (tax dollars) is going to do any good, and how much is going to hit the pockets of politicians' friends. Want to know about corruption? One of our recent governor races was between Edwards and Duke.

Duke eventually served time in jail and Edwards is still there. Edwards got to be governor in that election.

Want a casino license? Go to the governor's mansion and lose $10,000 or so in a poker game to Edwards. Man, he was a great card player! Should have been in the World Series of Poker, that guy. That's how this state has been since as long as I can remember. Every once in a while, the FBI comes in and cleans out a bunch of the criminals, but then things go back to corruption as usual. Just something to think about before dumping one hundred billion dollars of tax money down here ...

Not a bad point. Read about Huey Long ... politics in LA haven't changed much since then.


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