Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Should the CIA be disbanded?

Jed Babbin in The American Spectator: "The last major success our intelligence community produced was the 1962 appearance before the UN General Assembly in which Adlai Stevenson displayed pictures of Soviet missile sites in Cuba. They were irrefutable, and Stevenson's moment exposed Soviet lies and helped compel the Soviets to back down. That was forty-four years ago. The CIA's record since then is a string of failures unblemished by a single notable success."The latest failures show portions of the CIA managment (Mary McCarthy, et al.) to be strongly politicized, and displaying an unbelievable arrogance. I will be the first to admit that the Church Commission gutted a lot of the power of the CIA, but a once proud agency has been seriously weakened and compromised by bureaucratic hubris and political chicanery.

What really aggravates me is we need this organization. We also need to get SERIOUS about security, and to define what constitutes "political debate" and what constitutes "treason". A few people executed ala Rosenberg will slow down the slimeballs. Rant off.


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