Sunday, October 17, 2004


IMAO: "If You Hear the Codeword, Scream Real Loud!
I heard that Bush's mention of the Dredd Scott case in the last debate was a codeword for Roe v. Wade.

How devious!
Of course, the liberals have codewords too. Here's a list of some of them so you'll be prepared for tonight's debate.


the rich, the wealthy = you
e.g. 'We'll fund things by taxing the rich.'

fair = huge, enormous
e.g. 'Everyone needs to pay their fair share.'

progressive (n.) = shrill left-wing nut
e.g. 'Michael Moore is a prominent progressive.'

progressive (adj.) = appallingly moronic
e.g. 'We hope to get into law more progressive policies.'

choice, women's rights, reproductive rights = abortion

choose = abort, kill
(this one is really taking hold; it's only a matter of time until we hear a news report about headless prostitutes being found and thus a 'serial-chooser' is on the loose)

undocumented immigrants = illegal immigrants

militants, insurgents = murdering terrorists

terrorism = nuisances

protestor = stupid, dirty, noisy hippy

freedom of speech = liberal speech being forced on everyone by law

suppression of speech = criticism of liberal speech

climate of fear = sense of reality

e.g. 'Republicans are trying to win by creating a climate of fear.'
fit to print = carefully edited to make conservatives look bad

e.g. 'All the news that's fit to print.'

Whole phrases can be codes too:

'I support the troops but not the war.' = 'I hope the news reports more casualties I can use as a political bludgeon.'

'Labels are only to scare people.' = 'Stop accurately calling me a liberal; I'm trying to hide that.'

'One person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter.' = 'I'm such a moral midget, I can't even call people murdering women and children what they are."

"You’re questioning my patriotism!" = "Your legitimate attacks on my voting record is making me question my patriotism."

"No blood for oil." = "..."


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This is great! I need to keep a copy of it with me when I'm in the "spin zone". I commented on your post at Mover Mike (

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love it

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