Friday, October 29, 2004

More Smoke Than Ire (

George Will:
"Liberals are perpetually puzzled that Americans are not indignant about facts like this: In the past 30 years, the percentage of national income taken by the richest 5 percent of households rose from 16.6 to 21.4. Liberalism's constant problem is that Americans are aspirational, not envious. "

Absolutely. I don't envy those rich folks, I hope to be one of them some day. I'm working on my second million, gave up on my first....

Seriously, people (other than slimebag attorneys) get rich for the most part by providing WORTH to society. Either providing a product or a service to the rest of us is a good thing. If a person is good enough at doing it, they should get wealthy, and they should not be punished for their efforts by paying a higher tax rate for each dollar they make.

I appreciate and try to emulate the wealthy. More power to them.

Capitalist pig, Anti-Socialist greed ball, Anti-communist fanatic, Patriot


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