Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The NYT -- George Neumayr

The American Spectator:
"The New York Times, it is often said, not only reports the news but makes the news. This is true literally. It makes the news up. To nail Bush, Bill Keller and company were willing to manufacture a story where there wasn't one. Then with grotesque unfairness they gave an appearance of reality to their fiction by demanding that Bush respond to it. In a classic of their well-honed technique, the Times treated their fake story as a real campaign issue, titling a piece yesterday, 'Iraq Explosives Become Issue In Campaign.' The editors of the Times are like malicious mechanics who cause a car crash, then approach the scene like innocents wondering what happened.

'Fake New York Times Story Becomes Kerry Smear Tool In Campaign,' is the real headline. Al Qaqaa is a good nickname for the dominant media as the Democratic donkeys in their newsrooms produce endless piles of manure. 'Crooked Liberal Media Becomes Issue In Campaign,' is the story the electorate deserves to hear. "
bold and italics mine....

See my blog masthead .. I'm still looking for the truth.

Look for the MSM to find ANOTHER October surprise. Got to trash Bush.


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