Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Another Maureen Dowd Assinine Statement

See all of this bs HERE:

"Fallujah, supposed to be a defining battle, showed only how undefined this guerrilla war is. The Marines swept into a city deserted by most of the insurgents, who were terrorizing and kidnapping Iraqis elsewhere.

Wednesday, the military said it dominated 70 percent of Fallujah. But what good does that do if 98 percent of the bad guys have already moved on, or if 100 percent of the Sunnis boycott the elections out of anger over the assault? "

Damn Maureen, I wish I was as smart as you Bigoted Blue Staters. If Fallujah is deserted, just who are our Marines shooting? Who is in the over 1,200 body bags? Who are the press concerned with as cats and dogs eat their rotting bodies?

This woman is SOOOO over the top. She is SOOOO gone. The best thing I think she can do for the NYT is continue writing, so their credibility continues its long, long ride down the shitter.


Blogger Middle_America said...

Right on brother.

9:20 PM  

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