Saturday, December 11, 2004

International Law & Red Cross

Andrew C. McCarthy on International Law & Red Cross on National Review Online:
"it is becoming increasingly necessary to be skeptical when 'international law' is invoked by interest-group NGO's like the ICRC as well as by many European capitals, the Organization of Islamic States, the Non-Aligned Movement, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, the New York Times, American legal elites, and other trailblazing members of the self-styled 'international community.' This global village's idealized vision of U.S. obligations is often importantly different from our actual obligations."

"While it risks banishment from polite company, and certainly from American campuses, to observe such a thing, it is necessary to point out that no one in the United States voted for any of these people. Nor did we consent to be generally bound by their assertions of law, the precedents developed in their tribunals, or the pieties divined by their experts. The international community may insist that we are under the sway of its airy customs and principles, but we are not except to the extent we consent to be, in a manner consistent with the American constitutional order."
emphasis mine.

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GET SOME EDUCATION ON THIS ISSUE ... IF YOU THINK OUR LAST ELECTION WAS JUST ABOUT THE US YOU ARE NAIVE. It was about the "global test" and if we want unelected idealog from other nations running OUR country (after they overly screwed up their own). The Dutch are leaving their own country due to their "progressive" socialist immigration policy? (Link found by
Glenn at Instapundit
). I wonder why they are getting out of Dodge? Truly sickening. A result of "political correctness"? Why is it that one group of people have to be "politically correct" and others can show no tolerance for anyone?


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