Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Feckless UN

OpinionJournal - Featured Article:

-- "Failing to enforce 17 resolutions against Saddam, tolerating his ejection of U.N. weapons inspectors, and even enabling him to stay in power by looking the other way as he exploited Oil for Food.

Failing to use U.N. peacekeepers already in place to stop the Rwanda genocide in 1994, and, worse, handing over thousands of Bosnian Muslim men for slaughter by the Serbs at Srebrenica in 1995.

Failing to act in Kosovo in 1999, amid the threat of a Russian veto, leaving NATO the task of preventing a bloody civil war on European soil.

As recently as this year, failing to stop the massacre of African Muslims in Sudan's Darfur province.

And failing even to bring up for formal debate, let alone action, North Korean and Iranian violations of non-proliferation agreements.

We could go on, but the point is that anyone who wants to solve a global problem knows not to take it to the U.N. The French jumped into the Ivory Coast on their own, asking the Security Council for its blessing only after the fact. Rather than facilitate 'coalitions of the willing,' the Council with its vetoes has become a body that thwarts them. We suspect the Security Council is now beyond saving, since the French and Russians are hardly going to give up their veto prerogatives, however outdated in terms of their ebbing global clout."
Emphasis mine

Each day I grow more and more amazed at how we put up with the United Nations. They don't do their job in the world, and we bleed when we try to pick up the pieces. I'm speaking of the AMERICANS. The others in the world are suffering in huge numbers, as outlined above, for UN inaction or misplaced actions. BTW, was there a knashing of teeth or a clashing of sabers when the French UNILATERALLY invaded the Ivory Coast? What of multinational approval? Where was the infamous Kerry GLOBAL TEST? Oh, I guess it doesn't apply to any country other than the US...

It is time we get out of the UN


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