Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Spread of Freedom

OpinionJournal - Extra JOSHUA MURAVCHIK :
"To begin with, the idealists are right about the possibility for freedom and democracy to spread across borders and cultures. In 1775 there were no democracies. Then came the American Revolution and raised the number to one. Some 230 years later there are 117, accounting for 61% of the world's governments."

This is a fact to pause and consider. Whenever you hear one of the "hate America Firsters" think about this... We have the longest standing government in the world. Whenever you hear a politician you despise (for me it was Ted Kennedy, again, yesterday) and you curse their name, give some thanks that you have the freedom to curse them.

If you were in pre-liberated Iraq and said something against the administration, you probably would end up being shredded, literally.

Our grand experiment continues. God Bless America.


Blogger Chase said...

Damn straight God Bless America


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