Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Teddy Notes Nealz Nuze

We heard from that tired old Social Democrat Ted Kennedy again yesterday. Ted Kennedy. The man who never had to struggle to pay a bill in his entire life. The man who has never held an actual job. The man who wandered up and down a deserted seaside road worrying about his political career while a young woman (his girlfriend?) suffocated in the back seat of a car in just over four feet of water. Yeah ... that Ted Kennedy. Well .. there he was yesterday engaging in his usual hyper-leftist over-the-top liberalism. Mr. Cradle-to-Grave government care. Mr. Womb-to-Tomb health care. The man who thinks that America is great because of its government.

Kennedy was telling us (again) yesterday that Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam. In making that statement there is not one bit of doubt in my mind that Ted Kennedy gave virtual aid and comfort to Islamic insurgents in Iraq and to Islamofascist terrorists around the world. There is no doubt in my mind that Kennedy's statement yesterday so encouraged and emboldened the insurgency in Iraq that American servicemen will die as a result. Ted Kennedy doesn't seem to be satisfied with the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, he wants more .. or so it seems. If Ted Kennedy cut a notch in his bed for every death of an American serviceman or woman at the hands of an Iraqi insurgent encouraged by his remarks, and by leftist opposition to the liberation of the people of Iraq, he would be sleeping in sawdust.


Why would the Democrats KEEP RUNNING THIS FAT PIECE OF SHIT IN FRONT OF US? Everywhere I turn around I SEE FAT TEDDY. Is he really that big a draw to the Democratic faithful? If so, I feel immense sorrow for them. The only attribute this fat tub of shit has is his LAST NAME. Get over it. John died in 1963, Bobby was a power mad idiot (whose actions probably got John killed by the Mafia/CIA). Then there is little Teddy... the Fredo of the Kennedy Clan. The boozer, the "hero" of Chappaquidick, the blathering fat slob the Dems run out as their pit bull. What a piece of true human refuse he is...


Blogger ap0c said...

Must admit, I feel the exact same way about this bloated, bulbous headed cretin.

5:18 AM  
Blogger TripleNeckSteel said...


Thanks for stopping by.

I have a friend who was a congressional aide until a year or so ago, and he said Ted "I killed someone and got away scott-free" Kennedy was blithering drunk all the time...and my friend is a socialist sympathizer, too!

Seeing as Al-Q'erry-duh was alone with BaBox in voting against Dr. Rice's confirmation, I think we need to embark on a bold plan for world peace:

Scare the shit out of everyone by nuking Taxachusetts.

That's right-- nuke Taxachusetts. Teddy boy and Horseface deserve it for their seditious blarney, and imagine the impact it would have on the Splodeydopin' street--

"Habib, I fear we have aroused the anger of some very dangerous infidels! They do not even care to incinerate their own cities!"

We could tell everyone we thought we saw a terrorist there, so it was justified.

Just sayin'.


8:02 PM  

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