Thursday, February 03, 2005

So So Security

Well now, the President opened up a fine can of worms. He touched the "third rail" of politics, Social Security.

You know, "FDR's Legacy". (Note to Democrats and other Liberals, Socialists, or Communists -- FDR is DEAD. He died 60 years ago. Let this go...)

I was driving home from bowling (shot a 626), listening to the President, and thinking about how SS has effected my life. First, my Pop earned his, and has been receiving his stipend each month. My Mom, although I can't remember her working after they were married over forty five years ago, also receives hers. Good enough. They are both 80, and contributed mightily to this Country.

Now, I am 55, and I've worked since I was 15. 40 years. The present rate of FICA and Medicare is 7.45%, with the employer match .. 14.9%. I've contributed into FICA for 40 years. If I drove off the highway last night and killed myself (I didn't drink at bowling, but it was snowing), my family would get $255. I was paid twice in January and the amount deducted for that month was higher than the SS Death Benefit. Think about it.

In the meantime, while we fools are working, the Social Security Administration is busily doling out benefits, not only to retirees, but to drug addicts and lazy bums who never have and never will work a day in their lives. Do your own research if you don't believe me. While you are working, the politicians are buying votes with your money. (Only one problem, Democrats, the bums and addicts are too lazy or too high on election day to vote for your socialist asses)

I was in the financial business for years. If I offered an investment with the features of Social Security to my clients, I would be in the Big House.

This shell game must end. The discussion of the "Trust Fund" is tragically laughable. There is no "Trust Fund". Let's start to get out of this hole before the next generation has to take drastic action to protect themselves from us.


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