Sunday, February 06, 2005

Will Humans "PC" Themselves Out of Existence? - Sher Zieve -�

Sher Zieve:
"The only things, currently, standing in the way of the leftists' unrealistic and insufferable ideals are Christianity and Judaism. Apparently, the Left doesn't view Islam as a "real threat". This further supports my conclusion that the Left is not only unhinged but, inherently and inordinately dangerous. The Islamic terrorists will kill them just as swiftly and gleefully as they would any other group or individual. Wrapped tightly in its failed and destructive agendas, for too many decades, the Left either cannot comprehend or refuses to see its own inevitable demise by the hands of its alliance partner. And, as is the leftists' penchant, they will joyfully take the rest of us with them to our own termination.
To ensure the destruction of the non-believers (those who believe in God and democracy), the Left will continue with its new found incomparable tool, political correctness, as it drones its ever-present mantra: "It's better that we all die than make our destroyers feel badly about themselves!" Isn't it time to place these people back in "the home" and away from influencing the sane majority? You bet it is."
Emphasis Mine.


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