Sunday, March 20, 2005

No Stopping Global Warming, Studies Predict

Okay, it's Sunday .. Mongo should take a break, but Mongo can't because of a JUNK SCIENCE ALERT from a story at Yahoo! News .

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Even if people stopped pumping out carbon dioxide and other pollutants tomorrow, global warming would still get worse, two teams of researchers reported on Thursday.
ALL RIGHTY THEN. Why continue to worry about it? We are all doomed, so lets party!

Sea levels will rise more than they have already risen, worsening the damage caused by extreme high tides and storm surges, and droughts, heat waves and storms will become more severe, the climate experts predicted.
Okay, so its going to be worse than we predicted already. How much have they risen already? Not too much if you look at the last panicky report on "global warming" I caught here about the island of Tuvalu which could, based upon junk science, sink in 975 years. Oh, the horror, oh the humanity, oh the ludicrous BS.

That makes immediate action to slow global warming even more vital, the teams at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado report in the journal Science.

"Even if we stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations, the climate will continue to warm, and there will be proportionately even more sea level rise," said the NCAR's Gerald Meehl, who led one of the two studies.

"The longer we wait, the more climate change we are committed to in the future."
Chicken Little (with federal subsidy money). Take our money and shut the f... up! Either that or, even better, get a REAL job somewhere and contribute to society.

Virtually no one disagrees human activity is fueling global warming, and a global treaty signed in Kyoto, Japan, aims to reduce polluting emissions. But the world's biggest polluter, the United States, has withdrawn from the 1997 treaty, saying its provisions would hurt the U.S. economy.
Ahem... There are a LOT of people who disagree with the first statement, and a lot of people in the U.S. don't give a flying about Kyoto, because it is based upon JUNK SCIENCE and is being used as a tool to 1. make the U.S. the bad guy and 2. try to cripple our economy.

Meehl's team ran two computer simulations of climate change -- complex programs, he said, that took months to run on supercomputers.

Those models included as many variables as the researchers could think of, such as human carbon emissions, other pollution, current temperatures and their rate of change, emissions from volcanoes, changes in solar radiation and shifts in the ozone layer.

"Then we ran for the 21st century three different scenarios," Meehl said in a telephone interview.

One scenario assumed human production of carbon dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gases stabilized in 2000 and ran the model to the year 2100.

"We found that just based on the ingredients that have already been put into the atmosphere in the 20th century, we already are committed to another half a degree (0.5 degree C or 0.9 degree F) of global warming," Meehl said.

"That's about what we saw in the 20th century. We are already committed to as much climate change in the 21st century as we saw in the 20th century."
Emphasis Mongo's. Lemmeesee. The "researchers" ran as many "variables" as they could through the supercomputer. Do you think with all those variables that the supercomputer might have spit out at least one scenario which was positive towards climactic change? You betcha. If it did however, I will bet a dollar to $100 that that conclusion was destroyed or eliminated. Give me the answer that fits my worldview, supercomputer.

Also, Man (yeah Feminazis.. Man) has studied the weather for the extent of time. Mother Nature always fools us. We can build a supercomputer the size of Cleveland and still not get it right.

That would mean more extreme weather and a rise in sea levels, not even accounting for melting ice, Meehl said. Experts say sea levels have risen 4 inches already over the past century and could rise between 4 and 40 inches More in the next century.
Toodleloo, Tuvalu. Hey wait a second. If we are "already committed to as much climate change in the 21st century as we saw in the 20th century" why a 1000% increase in sea level? Also, how have these wingnuts "proven" the 4 inch increase?

If completely melted, the Greenland ice sheet would add 25 feet to overall sea level and the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would raise it by 16 feet -- enough to swamp most of Florida, Bangladesh and New York City's Manhattan island.
Yeah, and if "IF" was a Skiff we could all go boating... Are we saying Greenland is going to melt, here? No, we say IF. And we don't say when this would happen. Swamping Manhattan and the rest of the places mentioned will take more than 4 inches of water (in 100 years).

In a second study in Science, the NCAR's Tom Wigley said he used a much simpler climate model to make a similar prediction.

He found it may not be possible to reduce emissions enough to stop the sea from rising. Even if all emissions stopped now, he calculated, changes were under way that would lead to a rise in sea levels of 4 inches per century.
Don't you love these wingbats? The sky is falling, DDT is bad (but don't look behind the curtain to see the millions of brown people we have killed with malaria due to our junk science), and the world sucks. Go figure. You self hating, US hating, "scientists" and "ecologists" can take a hike. No One is Listening Anymore (I HOPE).


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