Thursday, March 17, 2005

PC Kills Again

More on the Brian Nichols case from Nicholas Stix of who has written an extremely strong article about PC and the "race" issue which is starting to surround this butchering rapist's case in Atlanta.
"we can lay four corpses and several brutalized though living victims at the feet of incompetence that was the product of feminism and racism. For had the district attorney’s and sheriff’s office shown any professionalism, as opposed to being guided by feminist and racist practices, Brian Nichols would never have been in the Fulton County Superior Court last Friday."

Nicholas gives a good account of how the "n" word is used by black racists as an excuse for violence or a smoke screen to cover their racist actions against whites.

Anyway, happy St. Patrick's day to my lovely coleen and the rest of you micks.


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