Friday, April 08, 2005

The Minutemen

Here is an ASSociated Antiamerican Press Story Yahoo! News - Border Patrol Complains About Volunteers
.. Adame said apprehension numbers have gone down since the volunteers arrived, an indication fewer people might be trying to cross. But he also noted the Mexican military and police have apparently been conducting an operation south of the border town of Naco, which tends to drive down crossings.

"No one's crossing and that was the goal, to show the government that if we have people out here no one's going to cross," said Chris Simcox, Minuteman field operations director.
The ASSociated ASSwipes don't like the Minutemen (or the thought that just plain Americans can defend our home and country), but this story says they are being effective. Maybe if we had talked to the French the AP would have a different opinion ...


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