Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Top 10 categories of Media Bias

The Cassandra Page nails media bias. Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the heads up. Cassandra hits on all the tactics used by the SMSM but after #1 "the lie" comes up with the tactic that I talk about all the time...(emphasis mine)

"The memory hole. The tactic here is to forget that certain events occurred and hope that everyone else does also. This tactic requires that the MSM/DNC not only stop talking about some fact, but actually help it to disappear. The MSM/DNC never talks about the WMD's that we actually did find in Iraq.

Just before the election, NBC interviewed John Kerry and asked about his military IQ test. Kerry stated that this record was not public (a blatant contradiction of Kerry's story that he has released ALL of his military records). The next day, excerpts of this interview appeared on another NBC program, with the damning admission excised. The actual editing out of inconvenient facts provides a great example of a memory hole maneuver..."

This stuff happens all the time. Whenever a Dem screws up or missays anything it is conveniently forgotten. The Lord blessed me with a good memory, and until the blogs confirmed what I already knew, I sometimes thought I was imagining that "he said that". No one would catch it.

A good example of the memory hole was Kerry's "global test" line in the Presidential Debates. i.e. we can't defend our nation unless there is a "global test" passed.

That was what the commie sob said.

When he said it, I jumped out of my chair, and had I been President Bush I would have bludgeoned Kerry with that statement the rest of the debate until he was a bloody spot on the floor. I called my dad (who watched the old alphabet soup gang CBS, NBC, lah di dah) the next day and remarked about the line, and he said "he didn't say that".

Apparently the SMSM didn't feel compelled to report the fact that a candidate for the Commander in Chief would not defend our nation unless he had agreement from the French, etc.

Well, I blew up, told my dad to wait, and e-mailed him a transcript of the debate, and several blog links. I could not have done that without the web and the blogs.

The SMSM/DNC are finding out to their detriment that the "big lie" and the convenient disappearance of events, facts, and issues which do not support their cause is not going to pass anymore.

I've caught several stories where moderate Democrats are pressing their leftist brothers and sisters to lighten up on gun control, among other issues. Let's take their cooperation, get our agenda passed into law, and then vote the shitheels out of office.


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