Friday, May 13, 2005

Hillary the Felon?

The Tin Ear: Does Hillary Have Reservations at the Graybar Hotel?:
"I have always stated that
I believed that Bill and Hillary are sociopaths, completely amoral, and probably certifiable
. This information has only strengthened my opinion. Others believe this to. In a hand delivered letter to Hillary in 2001, Mr. Paul stated the following: 'Rather than perpetuating the signature Clinton ethic of denial, semantical and rhetorical responses to valid requests and questions, and stonewalling,it is time to accept your responsibility as a Federal elected official and do the right thing according to the letter of the law, the position your campaign spokespeople have taken, and natural laws of right and ethical conduct and return the contributions I made, which you have by your collective actions, made illegal.'


Blogger TripleNeckSteel said...

Brutal, Mongo.

By the way, I have a beautiful Heckler and Koch P7M13 with brand-new IWI/MMC red-rear green-front tritium sights installed over the last couple of months (plus absolutely gorgeous custom-carry leather for left-handed shooters) for sale (all BATF/NFA rules apply as I'm a law-abider, folks) for the low, low price of 1300.00 US. All transfers to be conducted through FFLs. Pictures at .

Sorry for the know how it goes-- I don't want there to be any record of me having offered a gun for sale under anything but legal circumstances.

4:06 AM  

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