Friday, May 06, 2005

Researcher admits fraud in grant data

Wellll nowwww, here is a story from about a health researcher who falsified his findings to gain Federal and private grants.
"Some colleagues speculated that Poehlman buckled to an exaggerated perception of the pressure to publish papers and win grants to keep his laboratory going. Or perhaps he was so sure he knew the right answers that he cut corners to get to them, they said."
His assistant, who was led down the path by the researcher, led investigators to this charlatan ...
"At first, DeNino assumed he had made the mistake. But when he compared the original data against the revised data from Poehlman, he could see that, in women who seemed to be getting healthier over time, Poehlman had reversed the order of test results, making it appear that cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings had gotten worse, not better. ''He was trying to exaggerate the age-related deterioration of menopause,' DeNino said."
Stories like this make me wonder. If a "researcher" can skew real data to make his or her conclusions convenient, what could this say about the GLOBAL WARMING crowd? Not only do they get more money for research, they can also support the anti-capitalist and anti-American agendas many of them have. Verrrrry Interesting, No?


Blogger TripleNeckSteel said...

You really nailed it, Mongo.

Sorry to take so long to stop in...

I think these are the morons you were referring to about "Global Warming™".


4:16 AM  
Blogger Mongo said...

Wow, what a catch. 17 thousand scientist saying Kyoto is a crock. Amazing

8:24 AM  

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