Thursday, May 19, 2005

Judicial Appointment Scorecard

I can't add much to Neal Boortz's analysis about the filibuster of judges and obstructionist tactics of the Demogogs
"Now .. in case you've forgotten, here's the scorecard. The Washington Times ran a story last week detailing just how obstructionist the Democrats have been on judicial appointments. The Times article put to rest once and for all the idea that the Democrats were just doing to the Republicans what the Republicans did to the Democrats when Clinton was the one making the judicial appointments. The Times looked at all presidential nominations to federal appeals courts during the first two-years of the first terms of recent presidents. The following list shows the percentages of presidential appellate court nominees who were eventually confirmed by the Senate:

Harry Truman 100%
Dwight Eisenhower 92.3%
John Kennedy 77.3%
Lyndon Johnson 96.2%
Richard Nixon 87%
Gerald Ford 81.8%
Jimmy Carter 100%
Ronald Reagan 95%
G.H.W. Bush 95.7%
Bill Clinton 86.4%
George Bush 53.1%

Can it be any more clear? For the 10 post WWII presidencies the confirmation rate for appellate court nominees averaged 91.2%. For George Bush it's 53.1% Now ... remember that two of Bush's nominees were first appointed to the appellate bench by Bill Clinton. Bush re-nominated them as an act of goodwill toward Clinton and the Democrats. If you take those two confirmations out of the mix, Bush's confirmation percentage is 50%."

Why the battle? I've said it before. The democraps can't have their agenda flushed through the system through elected representatives. If they did pass the laws they wanted, they would NOT be reelected. So they pack the courts.


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