Monday, May 02, 2005

Media Bias??

From Neal Boortz

"People are on to the media and this time, there's no turning back."

The survey publicized by ABC shows 85% surveyed feel the media is biased, and 49% feel there is a liberal bias.

A couple of observations:

One, ABC would not report this if they thought the news would get out.

Two, I don't trust any survey unless I see some of the questions. It is too easy to "point" a respondent to an "acceptable" answer. I'll have to check more into the source.

But, and most importantly, three

ABC did report it and it shows 85% of us (the other 15%? who cares) know about bias, and almost half (but it is probably much higher), know that it is a liberal bias.

The SMSM will not and does not control the agenda anymore, and if they don't back off their agenda driven reporting they will become less and less relevant.

On another note... The journalists like to call their career a "profession". A profession is an activity which requires a person to have standards, such as a MD, CPA, or even (gack) a Lawyer. Any "journalist" who considers himself or herself a professional, better look around. As always, anyone who has a tape recorder, a phone, a notepad, and a computer can be a journalist. The standard is not very high.


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