Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Straight Shooting on Gun Control

This article.. A Reason debate showcases the gun grabbers' flawed elitist logic. There are four persons interviewed, one who seems pro 2nd amendment, and another who feels the ACLU (excuse me while I ROFL) will protect gun ownership.

"Admittedly, Handgun Control Inc., now known as the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, champions the more moderate position that people may have firearms for hunting and target shooting. But these guns either must be locked up in a public armory or, if kept at home, must be unloaded and disassembled. The aim is to keep ordinary people from having firearms readily available for self-defense.
Yep HCI is moderate all right. Just keep the old shootin irons locked up as the local gang kicks down your door to rape steal and kill. You can always depend on the Police to arrive to put down the chalk lines.

The ultimate goal of the anti-gun movement precludes any compromise. Gun control advocates disingenuously ridicule gun owners for fighting regulation of guns similar to what they readily accept for cars. But drivers too would adamantly oppose controls if they were promoted by people who believed that automobiles are evil instruments no decent person would want to have and that anyone who does desire them must be warped sexually, intellectually, educationally, and ethically.
That is correct "precludes any compromise". So when you see "sensible" gun control like the assinine assault weapons ban, remember that they are nothing but a step towards total confiscation and government control. Can you spell high crime rates? Can you spell home invasions? Can you spell democide (or genocide...whichever you please)?

Car registration and driver licensing would be adamantly opposed if advocated on the ground that cars should be made increasingly unavailable to ordinary people and eventually denied to all but the military, police, and the influence peddlers and other 'special' individuals whom the military or police select to receive permits.


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