Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bolton Resists U.N. Push for Global Taxes - Cliff Kincaid - MensNewsDaily.com�

Bolton Resists U.N. Push for Global Taxes - Cliff Kincaid - MensNewsDaily.com:
"on August 25, the Washington Post and the New York Times ran stories by their U.N. correspondents raising alarms about the changes Bolton is seeking in the document.

Colum Lynch of the Post accused Bolton of throwing the proceedings of the U.N. into "turmoil". Warren Hoge of the Times quoted William R. Pace, general secretary of the World Federalist Movement, "which promotes a strong United Nations", as saying, "It would be very unfortunate and not in the interest of the United States or the international community for the new U.S. ambassador to barge in and undermine an important summit negotiation process."

Notice use of the loaded words and phrases "barge in" and "undermine", designed to convey the impression of Bolton as obstructionist.

But also notice the misleading description of the World Federalists promoting a strong United Nations. The group openly favors world government, financed by global taxes, and Bolton stands in its way. "
Tranzi Thugs.


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