Monday, August 08, 2005

Of Guns and Men

Oleg Volk

An interesting take on gun control from a Soviet emigre Dr. Eric Ross in
"The Soviet-style apparatchiks in all branches of the US Government of today would just love to ban gun ownership, one of the last bastions of Democracy in the US, then trample on whatever is left of our naive, prepubescent notions of Democracy as they "teach" in Middle School.

The millions of Neo-Marxists of today masquerading behind the many "good causes" and perfectly "good intentions" recognize they cannot seize power first, then impose terror. They see a different path to the triumph of Communism, through stealth and a cultural hegemony first, in which Colleges, Universities and above all Courts are their powerful agents of change through a Cultural Revolution.

America's Neo-Marxists of all hues want to change the Culture first, then the power would fall into their lap like a ripened peach. Give up your constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms, and see the Tyrants burn Constitution, redistribute property, and destroy the Western Civilization, which their rank and file is mind-programmed to hate with passion, then materialize their vision of a World Government, in which they, of course, will remain the ruling oligarchy, and you would be openly converted to slaves. "


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