Monday, September 19, 2005

A Modest Proposal

Burt Prelutsky -
"…Unfortunately, life’s never that simple. The Muslims don’t hate us because we’re in Iraq, but because we exist. They hate us because we’re everything they are not -- advanced technologically, democratic, powerful and Judeo-Christian. We don’t subjugate and mutilate our women, we don’t behead our enemies, and our young men don’t blow themselves up in the hope of spending eternity in a celestial brothel. They despise our music, our movies, our tattoos and body-piercing, our TV shows, and even the way we dress. Okay, there’s something to be said for their side, I’ll grant you, but not much.

If all the Muslims around the world would move back to the backwaters from whence they came, back to the good old days of the ninth century, I, for one, would happily bid them adieu But, instead, they’re busy causing misery and havoc all over the place -- butchering civilians in Bali, London, Madrid, the Philippines, South Africa, New York -- all in the name of Allah.

I understand I am tarring people who have never lifted a hand in anger, people who are presumably disgusted by the activities of their co-religionists. But that’s not good enough. By and large, even here in America, their silence is deafening. One doesn’t hear their religious leaders condemning the terrorists; at most, you hear them whining about racial profiling. Odd that the same religion that put a two million dollar price on the head of novelist Salman Rushdie hasn’t seen fit to place a reward of even a plugged nickel on the head of Osama bin Laden. "


Blogger Middle_America said...

If I recall, a family in New Jersey spoke out against the Muslims and was slaughtered. The Muslim-American probably fear the same thing.

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