Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Islamist way or no way

The Australian: Mark Steyn

So even Muslims v (your team here) doesn't quite cover it. You don't have to have a team or even be aware that you belong to any side. You can be a hippie-dippy hey-man-I-love-everybody-whatever-your-bag-is-cool backpacking Dutch stoner, and they'll blow you up with as much enthusiasm as if you were Dick Cheney.

As a spokesman for the Islamic Army of Aden put it in 2002, explaining why they bombed a French oil tanker: "We would have preferred to hit a US frigate, but no problem because they are all infidels."
Hello? Hello? Does anybody out there realize that these folks really, really hate us?
In our time, even the most fascistic ideologies have been savvy enough to cover their darker impulses in sappy labels. The Soviet bloc was comprised of wall-to-wall "people's republics", which is the precise opposite of what they were: a stylistic audacity Orwell caught perfectly in 1984, with its Ministry of Truth (that is, official lies).

But the Islamists don't even bother going through the traditional rhetorical feints. They say what thsey mean and they mean what they say
Yep, they don't even cover up their evil intents. But the PC in the US do, since it wouldn't be embracing "diversity" to point out the evil in the Muslim world.


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You failed to mention the ACLU as a false premis group as well. They are not Civil.

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