Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ONLY OFF BY 9036 or 91 percent...

Neal Boortz

The numbers are in, and the official death toll stands at 964. Furthermore, that's the death toll for the entire state of Louisiana, not just New Orleans. Looks like the Mayor was about 9,036 short in his prediction. Not that that's a bad thing. Fewer dead folks is definitely good.
Yes, one death is too many. 984 is a large number, but it isn't 10,000.

But the story here is the media. Will they call New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on the carpet and ask him why he was so wrong? Will there be accountability for those who exaggerated the Katrina disaster for political gain? Imagine if it had been a Republican that made the 10,000 dead prediction. It would be the top story on many could they have been so wrong?
Yep ole Ray gets a pass I bet. Can't expect him to may'r and ciph'r too, ya know. More lefties go free of criticism. Look at the photos above, they pretty well wrap it up..


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Blogger Mover Mike said...

I love that picture and goes along quite well with my post about the number of Democrats in Lousiana "leadership" positions.
Mover Mike

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