Thursday, October 20, 2005

Saddam on Trial

Neal Boortz's take

Now to those of you sitting on the fence about the war in Iraq...ask yourself this. Had George Bush not ordered the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Saddam Hussein would still be in power in Baghdad. The UN sanctions probably would have been lifted by now, since Saddam was doing a pretty thorough job bribing the rest of the UN Security Council. He would still be terrorizing the people of Iraq, and yes, he would still be pursuing weapons of mass destruction.
the Oil for Food Scandal at the UN (which is widely ignored by the Socialist Mainstream Media) would not have been discovered.

a lot of the terrorists who, according to the SMSM have "streamed" (pick a verb) into Iraq, and who are now DEAD, would possibly be alive and looking to get into the US.

it's also a good bet that old Saddam and his two bastard sons would have gotten their hands on to WMD's (if they didn't in 2001 before they shipped them to Syria). They would have given or sold them to the highest bidder IMO.

He would then be looking for buyers for his WMD. One of the first customers would be Al-Qaeda. But Saddam was stopped. Overthrown from power, he was then yanked out of his rat hole almost 2 years ago and thrown in jail. Now he's on trial.

Despite what Democrats and the media in this country say, the majority of Iraqis are glad Saddam is gone. They will be watching this trial with great interest. And all of it is made possible by the United States of America and President George W. Bush.
And yes, libtards, we have lost men and women to do this thing. Believe it or not, Mongo does not like to see our troops under arms being shot at by bad guys. Mongo also had a few doubts of the wisdom used in attacking Iraq. Mongo is now convinced that it was the best thing we could have done.


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