Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Neal Boortz on appeasing the Muslims

Wonder why the muslim extremests get a pass? Here are the appeasers

"If you consult virtually any serious expert on Islamic radicalism they will tell you that the Arab culture always looks at appeasement as a sign of weakness.

Appeasement is to be exploited, as are negotiated settlements. The only thing the Islamic jihadists completely and fully understand is defeat; complete, overwhelming and absolute defeat.

They will use negotiations to reach a temporary truce .. but it will be a truce that they will use to reassemble their resources and rebuild their strength. Whey they feel they have the advantage they will strike again ... push forward ... and then negotiate another 'settlement' that will be nothing more than a pause for re-staging. You watch --- this will be the road taken in France.

In the meantime, have you caught the news from Australia? They had a mini riot there outside of a courthouse where some Islamic extremists are on trial. One thing for sure, the Aussies won't tolerate this nonsense. There will be no calls for 'calm' and summons for 'talks.'

Meanwhile, in America, we're still lolling around in our lethargic stupor tisk-tisking over what's happening in France while we celebrate our moral superiority and continue down the destructive path of multiculturalism. And for goodness' sake ... no profiling!"
from Neal Boortz

Watching the "negotiations" with the Palestinians over the years should have taught us something. Also watching Yassir Arafat say one thing to the Western world and another to his followers ... over and over and over again. What are we STUPID?

Oh, and don't mention "cultural differences". I can spot a lying SOB a mile away, whether he is wearing a rag on his head or not. Why these scum sucking cellar dwellers have gotten a pass all these years is beyond me.


Blogger Middle_America said...

Because those in the spotlight are idiots. Why the common man/woman continue to vote for these enemies within, is beyond me.

1:03 PM  

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