Friday, October 28, 2005

John Longenecker: Malicious Compassion: I Wish I'd Said That.

I can wrap my arms around this phrase, also...

I heard it this morning, and it fits perfectly the mindset, motivation, goals and feel-good neurotic outlet of anger – all disguised as compassion.

Make no mistake, it is not. The jig is up, Left. You're not fooling anybody. And you haven't for a long time. You're fooling yourselves a great deal, though, if you think you're compassionate.
every once in a while you get a Great Phrase or description thrown at you, and you have to grab onto it. This is one. Lets see...

Malicious Compassion

It sure fits a lot of Lefty programs. Welfare, AFDC, the UN, and on and on...

My definition is "compassion given so YOU can feel good, not so the person you are focusing on can better themselves or solve their problem" Maybe it should be called "hubris compassion".

Oh, and when it applies to a politician who is buying votes by their supposed compassion I would call it "corrupt compassion".


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