Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fred On the Media

"If you checked the newsroom of the Washington Post, I suspect you would find that the inmates mostly lived in pricey neighborhoods, had degrees from Princeton, drank white wine, and ate salads made from strangely named vegetables. Most of them, I'll bet you, have never baited a hook, changed their oil, or made a raft out of orange crates and old inner tubes.

Nor (I'm continuing to bet) have they ever held a gun, much less fired one, and would regard doing so as highly exotic and probably fascistic. Zero of them would have served in the military. The men likely never got into a fight in high school. The women probably think that peeing in the woods constitutes either grave hardship or high adventure. Few have hitchhiked, boozed in a country bar, done shift work in a gas station, pulled crab pots, or played in a tire swing.

In short, they are privileged little snots. And have the attitudes to go with it. They don't like, among other things, the military, rural people, guns, the South, traditional morality, and Marlboro Man. "Fred Reed


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