Wednesday, December 14, 2005

On Left Wing Polling: The American Spectator

Sliding Down the Polls by Lisa Fabrizio
If the polling data is accurate, why are most Democratic candidates for the presidency in support of the war? Can it be that they know that their precious polls aren't really representative of the people who really count -- that is, those who vote?

Even some left-wing pundits agree. Try this from liberal doyenne Helen Thomas, wringing her hands over Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats who distance themselves from the Murtha mantra:

"Clinton is a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, which might explain why she's busy pandering to conservatives instead of staking out a leadership role on more important issues.

The Democrats' lack of political courage has left voters with the choice of Republicans who call themselves that -- and Republicans who call themselves Democrats. The result: The GOP gets a free ride."

Can Helen read between her own lines to discover why Clinton and others are "pandering to conservatives"? If we are to believe the media polling propaganda that the majority of Americans are in lockstep with liberals in disdaining the president, why then the need for pandering to the enemy?

Because they know deep down that the majority of Americans do not agree with them. And they also know that their current strategy isn't working so it's time to cut and run; from themselves. Howl against the president as they might -- and they do so mightily -- Democrats are having a hard time running away from their own votes and words, especially on Iraq.

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