Thursday, November 04, 2004

America’s Second Revolution - Kerry L. Marsala

America’s Second Revolution - Kerry L. Marsala -�

"On Election Day Americans stated, enough is enough. Americans believe in values, and the message was sent loud and clear to all the socialistic euro trash who were trying to steal America’s independence and sell it to the highest socialist bidder. America and her love of freedom isn’t for sale, she has been bought through blood and death - she is priceless.

Will the New York Times, Dan Rather, Ted Kennedy, Charlie Wrangle, Katie Couric, Ted Koppel, Bruce Springsteen, John F. Kerry, Al Franken, Hillary Clinton and the other socialist intelligentsia get it now? Will the elitist Euro wannabees who desire for us to join the “global test” and be under Kofi Anan now see that we will fight for our rights to keep our country?"


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