Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Illiterates and Intellectuals

George Neumayr The American Spectator :

"Democrats, according to pollsters, receive votes from the least educated and the most educated, from grade school dropouts to college presidents. This suggests parallels between the undereducated and the overeducated that most professors don't wish to entertain. Illiterates and intellectuals form the odd couple of the Democratic Party.

How did it happen? One explanation is that both groups are drawn to the party's emotional demagoguery. Having lost contact with common sense through a skeptical distrust of reason, postmodernist professors more or less decide their politics on raw emotion -- the same passions that stir their uneducated fellow Democrats. "

Back to one of my mottos -- ""Life is a tragedy for those who feel.... and a comedy for those who think" Horace Walpole :


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