Monday, November 22, 2004

Thanksgiving Blues

Thanksgiving Blues - Tom Purcell -

“Thanksgiving week is just around the corner. You’ll be with friends and family. How can you possibly be depressed?”
“Bush won a second term, man. The country is going down the tubes. How can I NOT be depressed?”

Aah, the Blue State Symptoms. Have you seen the pinheads on the TV who treat Election Selection Post Partum Depression or whatever they call the stuff.

GET OVER IT -- you guys are the idiots who nominated a commie traitor puff man for President. And you feel cheated?? Look at it this way, Your guy got 57 million votes (57 MILLION!) and the Prez got 60.. Thats only 3 million different..

Oh, wait a minute. Since about 180 million (lets call it 200 million) are eligible to vote, and only 117 million did, I guess the other 83 million didn't vote....

I guess by NOT VOTING, they are voting for the incumbent, the status quo... In other word, the final score is BUSH 143 Million FRENCH LOOKING A HOLE 57 Million. God I love math......

If you dems are going to be depressed, might as well do it in a big way.


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