Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rather Biased -- Maybe all the Press?

I've already said most of what I have to say here but I can't let Dan's passing go without comment.

"I guess the bottom line is this. I was taught that journalism was a profession. It was an honorable pursuit, and necessary to bring the TRUTH to the public. It was not a journalist’s job to bring his or her personal feelings or beliefs to the table, nor ALLOW them to color the truth. Naïve, wasn’t I.

Journalists were the part of society which kept us honest. I have for thirty years watched ”mainstream” journalism become nothing more than a propaganda mill. It is a shame, it is a disgrace, and until it is exposed to the light of day it is a threat to the democracy that our people have bled all over the world to protect."

THERE is the rub. Thirty years of propaganda that Josef Goebbels could have been proud of. Probably more than thirty. I've studied the wonderful work of Walter Duranty of the NY Times, who ignored Stalin's starvation and slaughter of 10+ million Ukranians in 1932-33. The Pulitzer Prize was awarded this Communist propagandist.

Much is made of the Holocaust, movies, historical news stories, and I absolutely agree with most of the press and focus which has been focused on this foul atrocity. As someone who is of partial German ancestry, during my life I have studied how the refined German people could become the animals who caused this genocide.

However, during my quest for the truth of that historical issue, I also picked up that there is more to the story of genocide. Over 100 million people have been killed in the name of Communism since 1917. Where is news, where are the movies, where is the outrage? Where? Where? Oh, how about one movie, "The Killing Fields". Nothing has been publicized about the Ukranians, and the other slaughters of Stalin. 40 million Chinese died of starvation and mass murder between 1959 and 1961. Rudolph Rummell of the University of Hawaii suggests that the Communist death total from 1900 to 1987 is 110,286,000. Where was our press? Did no one notice?


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