Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Top court brands Belgian far-right party racist

Top court brands Belgian far-right party racist: "saying that freedom of speech had its limits under tough new anti-racism legislation."

Wrap your mind around this. Unelected judges have found the largest political party in Belgium guilty of racism, cutting its public funding.

"What happened in Brussels today is unique in the Western world: never has a so-called democratic regime outlawed the country's largest political party," Vlaams Blok leader Frank Vanhecke said in a statement.

"Today, our party has been killed, not by the electorate but by the judges"

Remember this... this may be the start of the "legal class" trying to usurp the power of the people. If you don't believe a Hillary Clinton would support this type of action, you are wrong.


Blogger Middle_America said...

Totally agree. Hillary for 08. She will be going right for the vote.

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