Sunday, December 12, 2004


STLtoday - News - Columnists:
"Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld met with troops at Camp Buehring in Kuwait, named for Chad Buehring, an Army colonel who died last year when insurgents in Baghdad launched a rocket-propelled grenade into Al Rasheed, a green-zone hotel once frequented by Western journalists and administration officials that remains closed to guests because - despite all the president's sunny bromides about resolutely prevailing - security in Iraq is deteriorating relentlessly. "

WOW. When I went to school they taught me that if I had a LOOOOONNNNGGG sentance, I was to break it up into several sentances for reading ease. I guess Ms Dowd missed that class. Oh wait... that was in GRADE SCHOOL.

She writes for the New York Times? Good grief. She is a libtard moonbat, and now is unreadable. Hey Maureen, we're from the RED STATES.... You know, the states who kicked the crap out of the commmie traitor elitist Frenchman you dudes ran for President. We need smaller sentances if you want us to understand your tripe.

By the way, every time I read you its like watching someone retching huge globs of bile. Give it up or give it a break.


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