Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Great Con of the Democratic Party

From The American Spectator
"the American people were able to measure Democratic rhetoric against reality in this last election and judged it clownish. What the Democrats live in fear of -- not that the American people won't grasp the meaning of their rhetoric but that they will -- came to pass. How stupid do you think we are? Was America's shrug at the rhetoric of the John Kerry campaign. "
Good article. Here is where I have a problem with the Democratic Party. They are elitist liars. Pretty simple isn't it? With their partners in crime, the Socialist Mainstream Media, they have tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people for 60 years. They succeeded for about 50 of those sixty years.

Multinational Socialism (Tranzism) is anathema to the majority of Americans. The excesses and abuses of the United Nations are coming to light. The Democrats who feel that GW did not have a "mandate" better do the math. 60 million for Bush, 57 million for the self aggrandizing traitor Kerry AND approximately 60 million WHO DID NOT VOTE and therefore either approved of Bush or approved the status quo. Bush 120, Kerry 57. do the math. That is figuring only 180 million eligible voters out of 280 million Americans.

Hey Demos, keep running out Fat Teddy and the Hildabeast. You will move the "silent" 60 million Red.


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