Friday, February 11, 2005

Irate lawmaker would share bears

More stupid tree hugger stuffhere. It seems that Eastern Maryland (populated) wants to preserve the Black Bears in Western Maryland (not so populated). A lawmaker from the Western half of the state generated this:
"ANNAPOLIS -- A bill introduced yesterday would save the black bears of Western Maryland by spreading them into every county of the state."
Damn good idea. Those who love bears so much should live with them for a while. They aren't Vermont Teddy Bears, they can be varmints.

The same with the people who decry the conditions at the Guantanamo terrorist depot. Send them a terrorist to live with them. They can then apply all the "Geneva Convention" provisions themselves. BTW... these are the same idiots who forget that these terrorist were not in uniform, and therefore are not subject to the Geneva Convention. In fact, they could be shot as spies. There are no tea party rules of war in Iraq or Afganistan. Get used to it.


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