Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Anti American POS gets paid off, A great country or what??

boortz.com: (emphasis Mongo's)

Ward Churchill, the University of Colorado professor who is now guilty of everything from lying about being an American Indian to comparing the 9/11 victims to Nazis to plagiarizing artwork, is about to get a big payday. You see, the University of Colorado wants to get rid of him. He's a big embarrassment, and having him there is going to start affecting enrollment, which is the bread and butter of any institution.

Churchill has threatened to sue if he gets fired, and university officials don't want a long, drawn-out lawsuit. So naturally it would appear they are about to pay him off. They are kicking around the idea of an for early retirement package Mr. Churchill. How much are we talking about? Take a look at the comments of his lawyer, David Lane: 'If they offer $10 million, I would think about it. If they offer him $10, I wouldn't,' Lane said.

So now an anti-American, lying, hardcore leftist college professor is going to be paid big bucks to do nothing except go away. You do realize that universities receive large amounts of federal funding, don't you? That means millions of your taxpayer dollars are about to go to pay off this nutcase.

Is this a great country, or what?"

Lets wake up the acadummia. This guy Churchill has reportedly misrepresented (lied) his ethnic background (and got the "chair" of the UCB ethnic studies department). Churchill reportedly lied about his academic creditials, and reportedly lied about his artwork.

If he was employed in private industry he would have been gone long ago. You can't lie and stay employed long. But in the hallowed halls of academia, at least in Colorado, it is a badge of honor. This dude has reportedly advocated the overthrow of the government. Put his ass in prison for a while.


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