Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Neal Boortz on the Minnesota School Shooting

"A high school student went on a shooting rampage on an Indian reservation in Minnesota yesterday, killing his grandparents and seven other people before taking the proverbial eternal celestial Indian burial mound nap. Good riddance...saves a fortune on legal costs, not to mention room and board for the rest of his life. You are immediately seeing the justification phase playing out in the mainstream media. After all, such a tragedy simply cannot be the work of one evil psychopath, who was reportedly grinning and waving as he mowed down teachers and students. Already, blame is being placed on:
Rampant poverty on Indian reservations. We all know being broke makes you kill people, right?

The guns themselves. His grandfather was a police officer, and his guns may have been used in the rampage. Of course, the guns marched up and down the hallways of the school and pulled their own triggers.

Columbine. Since we are being reminded that this is the worst school shooting since Columbine, obviously it inspired this event. The media will now spend days reminding us that the nation hasn't 'learned from Columbine,' whatever that means.

You will hear nothing about this kid's parents, or whether or not he was a troublemaker with discipline problems. Blame must be assigned elsewhere. Also, let's just see how long it takes for this shooting to be blamed on the Bush administration. That, my friends, is a certainty."
Mongo's feelings exactly. The press will go on and on about this "tragedy". I have no doubt that it was a thoroughly evil thing to happen, but it was caused by the POS kid. Not the gun, not Columbine, not anything other than this little sociopath who has graced our world by checking out of it. Darwin wins.

I'm sorry for the people effected by this event. If someone would have been carrying, maybe the little shit would have been dog food before he killed too many people. CCW laws SAVE LIVES. Or as Boortz said succinctly, "an armed society is a polite society


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