Monday, April 11, 2005

Democracy, Birds, And Snails

Fred Reed -
"America does not have a free press. The media are big business and speak for those who own big business. They lie and distort and always have. Now, however, they all lie and distort identically; here is the rub. Their function is to herd the sheep.

The public knows only what it is allowed to know, except for the tiny few who go to the internet. 'Political correctness' is not an annoying fad. It is a deadly serious means of preventing public discussion of things that those in power do not want discussed (for example, race, affirmative action, illegal immigration.)

In the words of the great political philosopher Fredwitz, democracy is communism continued by other means. Pretty much, anyway."

Emphasis Mongo's. More gems from our expatriot in Mexico. Fred is the best...


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