Friday, April 01, 2005

Vote Fraud? What Vote Fraud? It be racism I tells ya....

boortz.comEmphasis Mongo's
Race warlords in Georgia are screaming. They are mightily upset. 'Governor Perdue, don't sign this bill!!!!' Oh the humanity. This hideous and horrible bill is being cast by race pimps as 'a disaster for race relations in the State of Georgia.'

One black legislator said that this new bill was 'spitting on the grave of Martin Luther King, Jr.' This bill is so bad that black lawmakers staged a walkout when the measure was debated earlier this month. They said that it could turn back the clock on civil rights. 'It's an attack on the rights of minorities.'

So, what's going on? Well, it seems that both the Georgia House and Senate have passed bills requiring all voters to show some kind of picture ID before they can cast a vote. Any one of six different types of picture ID will do. A Driver's license will work, even if it is expired. The law provides for free state-issued picture IDs for anyone who wants one. Still, the race pimps aren't satisfied.

You know what's going on here, don't you? Voter fraud is a reality, and across this country most of the votes that are illegally cast are cast for Democrats. It is Democrats who are driving the demands that non-citizens be allowed to vote in local elections. It is Democrats who are even insisting that illegal aliens be permitted to vote in some areas. It is Democrats who have opposed each and every move, no matter where, to attempt to clean up the election process by making sure that people who vote are actually legally qualified to vote. It is Democrats who want felons to vote! They know that felons will, by and large, vote for Democrats.

I'll say it again. Most illegally cast votes are cast for Democrats. Democrats have been at the forefront of every move to loosen voting restrictions and to counter any attempt to combat voter fraud.

Now .. if you really want to hear Democrats howl ... make it easier for military personnel to vote. Military personnel, you see, usually vote Republican.
Neal says it all, but on a local note, Mongo sees that several people (elected officials, even) in East St. Louis have been convicted in Federal (no surprise on the venue) Court for BUYING VOTES. Gosh, more investigation by your intrepid reporter, Mongo, found that these folks involved were DEMOCRATS. THE HORROR ... the horror.

Same thing on the Missouri side of the river in the Cesspool we call St. Louis Politics. Remember 2000? The a holes couldn't stuff the ballot boxes fast enough, so they left the polls open.

People died for our right to vote in this country. From Boss Tweed to Da Mayor to the present Democrats -- burn.


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