Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Daddy was a traitor -- lets get a book deal...

Well "Deep Throat" is outed by his own family, trying to make a buck, apparently ... FBI's No. 2 Was 'Deep Throat':
"... Woodward had prepared for Felt's eventual death by writing a short book about a relationship he describes as intense and sometimes troubling. His longtime publisher, Simon & Schuster, is rushing the volume to press -- but the careful unveiling of the information did not proceed as Woodward or The Post had envisioned.

Yesterday morning, Vanity Fair released an article by a California lawyer named John D. O'Connor, who was enlisted by Felt's daughter, Joan Felt, to help coax her father into admitting his role in history. O'Connor's article quoted a number of Felt's friends and family members saying that he had shared his secret with them, and it went on to say that Felt told the author -- under the shield of attorney-client privilege -- 'I'm the guy they used to call Deep Throat.'

O'Connor wrote that he was released from his obligation of secrecy by Mark and Joan Felt. He also reported that the Felts were not paid for cooperating with the Vanity Fair article, though they do hope the revelation will 'make at least enough money to pay some bills,' as Joan Felt is quoted in the magazine."
Yeah lets make some money off the old man! Felt wanted to be FBI chief and thought if he ratted on the President he could get some good press from the WaPo. He was a not real courageous character.

I heard his grandson on the radio saying he was a "patriot". No Sonny, if Gramps was courageous he would have come out in the open with his information. No Sonny, Gramps hid in the shadows, muttering to Woodward, saving his job and his own ass.

Woodward got a Pulitzer, Gramps got his Federal Retirement. Doesn't seem fair does it? Gramps ratted out the President, was a traitor to the government, and now his fine daughter wants to cash out. Tough.

Woodward went on to bigger things, interviewing dead men like Bill Casey.


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