Monday, June 20, 2005

Doughnut Democrats

Courtesy of Hubris

Caught this at the Wall Street Journal's OpinionJournal. My fiancee and I agree that the current Republicans are the Old Democrats and the current Democrats are basically wacked out Socialists. The article (with Mongo's comments) brings out what I think are real issues, and I agree that it may be important to the Nation to have two viable parties. What we have now is a dying socialist party being supported by a socialist media. A party which can't get anything done ...
"The next test of whether the party of Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy is capable of anything but obstructionism will come later this summer on tax reform. The President's bipartisan tax reform panel, chaired by former Senators Connie Mack and Mr. Breaux, is expected to launch the debate by proposing some form of flat tax.

Democrats may again try to tar and feather this plan as a giveaway to the rich. But polls show over and over that the broad middle class wants tax simplification and pro-growth reform. And in the past a form of the flat tax was endorsed by such Democratic leaders as Dick Gephardt, Bill Bradley, Jerry Brown and Leon Panetta. They didn't believe the flat tax was such a radical idea. Will the enlightened Democrats sit this debate out too?

Many conservatives have watched the left's hostile takeover of the Democratic Party with great joy. We don't share that enthusiasm. The country would benefit from two vibrant parties competing on innovative freedom-enhancing initiatives. The problem is that the Democrats are running on empty when it comes to policy ideas other than big government, and this lack of competition has had deleterious effects on Republican behavior, as witnessed by their lack of any spending discipline.Howard Dean observed recently that he hopes to 'galvanize the Democrats into being the party of individual freedom and personal responsibility.' That's a wonderful idea--just the kind that would put the Democrats back on the road to national viability. But that leaves unanswered the question of how a party that opposes voluntary personal accounts for Social Security, school choice for parents, tax and welfare reform, free trade and limited government broadly defined can sell itself as the freedom and responsibility party."
I used to embrace some Democrats, and when it comes to people like Ed Koch and Zell Miller I still do.

But when slime like Dick Durban smear our Troops and our Nation, and give aid and comfort to our enemies, (interesting phrase, huh?) there is NO WAY IN HELL a Democrat will ever get my vote again... Period. And if I was a Republican campaign manager, I would have my tape machines running overtime whenever idiots like Howard Dean and Dick Durban open their mouths.


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