Friday, June 10, 2005

More Aid for Africa

Neal Boortz
speaks about the shakedown coming for Africa.

Here is a continent with more than ample natural resources ... yet it is been mired in poverty and despair for hundreds of years. Two countries on the African Continent that actually have achieved some decent standards of living for a high number of citizens have a common heritage ... and that common heritage is European.
If it's in our self-interest to pour American taxpayer dollars into Africa .. go for it. But if those taxpayer dollars just end up in the Swiss bank accounts of some tin-horn African dictator ... no good. George Bush and Tony Blair did pay some lip service to keeping the money out of corrupt dictators and sending money to countries that embrace democratic principals ... but time will, I think, show that lip service is about all there is on this issue.
That huge giant sucking sound you hear coming down the road is the sound of Africa consuming more and more of the wealth of the American and British people, while little or nothing is done to free the African people from oppressive and corrupt dictatorships.

Just thought I would warn you.


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